Fabrication Division Infrastructure

MGS Fabrication infrastructure consists of People, Technology, Systems, Procedures, Policies, Processes, Intellectual property, and many more. All of these elements work under proper leadership and coordinate regarding in progress and cohesively developing customer oriented products.

We are spread over in 42,000 Sq. Mtr. area in different plants, located in close proximity. Within this infrastructure we are committed to provide prototype tooling and sample runs, low volume production as well as high volume production tooling, production parts, and assembly options.

We have all the basic and advanced manufacturing and inspection facilities like Shearing, CNC press brake, Overhead/Mobile cranes, blasting and painting booths, etc.

We are moving towards advanced and modern manufacturing systems. We have employed concept of single piece flow to minimize the material movement and dedicated and focused approach to assure quality product. Utilizing the modern design facilities, we have our forte as shorter Product Development lead time. We have been partnering and supporting our customer’s enthusiastically over the years in their new product development.